Test Yourself

Test yourself for synesthesia with this quick, ten-question quiz. We’re not neuroscientists here, so it’s nothing official; but if you answer honestly, you’ll have a little better idea as to whether or not your experiences are synesthetic in nature. No matter your result, though, it’s possible that you are, indeed, a synesthete. Please consult a professional for legitimate advice. Note that the questions under each statement are rhetorical—they’re designed to get you thinking. Have at it!


1. At least two of my five senses seem to be intertwined.

Do certain letters have inherent colors? Do you visualize sound? Maybe. Maybe not! Be honest!

2. My perceptions are triggered involuntarily & automatically.

Do you need to focus hard to “activate” your perceptions, or do they just happen?

3. I play, or have played, a musical instrument.

Piano. Violin. Guitar. Tuba. Any instrument counts!

4. My perceptions are consistent & generic.

Are your unusual perceptions relatively consistent, or more random & chaotic in nature?

5. How many colors are in a rainbow?

Hope you paid attention in science class! No cheating!

6. My perceptions usually take a defined, spatial location.

Can you pinpoint your perceptions in physical space, or do they happen in your mind’s eye?

7. I can typically remember my unusual perceptions.

Can you remember most of your unusual perceptions, or are they generally difficult to recall?

8. I am a relatively artistic individual.

Painting. Videography. Graphic design. Photography. If you’re an artist, well, express yourself!

9. My perceptions are dynamic & elaborative.

Do colors dance around the room in harmony, or manifest in generic shapes?

10. What is your sex?

Woo! Last question. Answer honestly!